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Biggest myths related to Botox treatment busted

Among the cosmetic treatments that are sought after by people all over the world, one of the most popular is Botox. Being a non-surgical method which is known to be very effective in erasing fine lines and the loss of volume that occurs due to ageing, Botox continues to be one of the top preferences.

As with any other cosmetic procedure, this one too might appear scary if you have been hearing about all the myths revolving around it. But doing some research about the procedure and clearing all your doubts would help you understand it better and to set realistic goals for the treatment.

At IYAC Aesthetic & Anti-Aging Clinic, Botox and other non-invasive procedures are available. For Botox treatments, Dr. Isabelle Yeoh will also customize the treatment and give you good advice with regard to the treatment. IYAC Botox Singapore is a good place to consider your treatment and you should check them out.



1. Botox procedure is going to be a painful and harmful one:
The reason behind Botox procedure to be considered as a harmful one is because of the botulinum present in the filler. This is a neurotoxin which is harmful in general. But for Botox, this compound is injected in a diluted form which targets only the area where the injection is applied and helps numb the area and prevent contractions from causing wrinkles. So this is a safe procedure. And there is very little discomfort involved and the procedure doesn’t hurt as much as it is often assumed.

2. Your face would be frozen after you get a Botox:
Talk about Botox one thing that most people imagine is a “frozen face” where normal facial expressions are going to be difficult. But that is not true. Choose the right botox Singapore clinic and you would be surprised with the results. With the natural volume added to the face and the youthful appearance, the facial expressions are also more pronounced and aesthetically enhanced. All it takes is injecting the right amount in the right spots.

3. Only women opt for Botox:
A common misconception is that Botox is something for the women alone. But there are several men that have reaped the benefits of the procedure. With the growing awareness, the number of men that are opting for Botox has been increasing steadily.

4. If you start Botox you can never stop:
As many perceive, Botox is not an addictive procedure that would alter your face permanently. It simply slows down the appearance of wrinkles. Botox is chosen as a preventive measure as well before the wrinkles start appearing. But that doesn’t mean that the condition would get worse when you stop getting your injections. There is no permanent damage done because of Botox and only the natural effects of ageing would be noticed if the treatment is discontinued.
Getting to know about Botox is a good place to start. Clearing all the doubts before the procedure is very important to rule out misconceptions.

What Getting Rid of Your Hyperhidrosis Problem Means to You?



You may be ignoring your problem of hyperhidrosis because you are certain that there is no threat to your life. You are aware that the problem is not a disability as well. In fact, you may be healthy otherwise. But at the same time, you cannot deny that you are feeling miserable in your heart of hearts. You may feel that you do not “belong” regardless of whichever company you choose to be with. Not only that, if the problem is severe,you may be affected by depression. Despite having extremely good skills, you may allow yourself to be driven into the quagmire of non-action also. That is the reason you are advised to take immediate steps in having right treatment for hyperhidrosis .

Of course, this treatment lacks the hype that treatments like facials or an oxygen facial have been getting. But the fact remains that once you have this treatment and rid yourself of the problem of excessive sweating, you are certain to feel more confident. Let us find out how you will benefit by taking this treatment and after bidding adieu to this problem.

1. If your sweating is limited to your palms, underarms and soles, it is known as focal hyperhidrosis. When you are sweating profusely in your palms, you will hesitate to shake hands with others. Similarly, excessive sweating in the soles will cause a lot of discomfort. In the case of over-sweating in the underarm area, it will result in bad odor emanating from your body. This will rob your confidence. Not only that, you may have to change your clothing quite often. But by taking an effective treatment, you can confidently mingle with people.

2. Due to the problem of excessive sweating, you may hesitate to attend social gatherings. There are chances of you avoiding romantic relationships. Once you take an appropriate treatment and free yourself of this issue, you will have no difficulty in attending such social gatherings and in deciding to play cupid with the woman or man you love.

3. When you sweat profusely in your palms, how can you hold your pen and write without any difficulty? The pen may slip from your hands and so, your writing may become illegible. This is another good reason to suggest that you must consult a specialist and get yourself freed from this problem.

It is an unfortunate fact that most of the folks who suffer from hyperhidrosis do not go for an appropriate treatment. But you should be wise and seek the help of a specialist. Remember that there are effective treatments that can help you get rid of this problem.

What are the treatments that are generally administered for this problem?

1. You can buy over-the-counter or OTC antiperspirants and try them. But experts point out that these antiperspirants can be effective only if the problem is mild. You should apply them to your armpits, feet and hands. You can use them at bedtime also so you will not feel embarrassed when you sleep with your spouse or dating partner. If the problem is slightly severe, you can consult a specialist who may prescribe stronger and salt-based antiperspirants.

2. If the problem is very much severe, you may have to consult a dermatologist. The dermatologist will check you thoroughly and recommend an appropriate treatment.

Some of the treatments the dermatologist may advise are:

a) Iontophoresis:

In this treatment, your hands and feet will be soaked in a container of water. The doctor will pass an electric current of mild power. You may have to get this treatment frequently but it is said to be effective.

b) Botox or Botulinum toxin type A:

In this, injections of Botulinum of type A toxin are administered for turning off the sweat glands. This is a very effective treatment for excessive sweating. The specialist may use local anaesthesia because there may be pain when the injections are administered.

c) miraDry system:

This treatment is given only for excessive sweating in the underarm areas. With the help of this device, the specialist will permanently and completely eliminate the sweat glands in the underarm areas.

d) Sometimes, the specialist may prescribe oral medications but there may be side effects if they are used frequently.

e) If the problem is very very severe, the specialist may recommend a surgery. But remember that there may be serious after-effects in this option.

But whatever treatment you take for getting rid of your hyperhidrosis problem, you can be certain that the way you lead your life will greatly improve after it.

Going for a Botox treatment for the first time? Here are some interesting facts

Can beauty be obtained through pain? Well, though, there is temporary pain while undergoing a Botox treatment, it is followed by relaxation of the muscle where it is applied. Every year, thousands of both men and women consult their dermatologists and undergo this therapy to enjoy wrinkle-free and smooth skin. Hence, it is hardly surprising that Botox sales have gone beyond the one billion USD mark during the last ten years. It is a quick treatment and has been proven to be a safe one for the majority of patients who have opted to go for it. However, make sure you are choosing a good clinic that is known for Botox Singapore treatment .

Read on to know some interesting and amazing facts about the Botox treatment:

Fact 1: Botox can be used for the treatment of excessive sweating or perspiration

Do you sweat through your shirt so much that it embarrasses you in front of your colleagues or friends? You need not detach yourself from the various social events any more. A special kind of Botox treatment can help you to control the condition. To control your excessive sweating, Botox injections will be inserted into your sweat glands just beneath the skin. These injections will block the chemical signals from those nerves. which are stimulating your sweat glands. The effects of a Botox treatment can last for about seven to eight months. So, it is time that you consult your dermatologist and find out whether it is the right choice for you or not.

Fact 2: The discovery of Botox was made through food poisoning

Many of you may not know that originally, Botox is the brand name for botulinum toxin, a specific type of neurotoxin. How was the discovery of this neurotoxin made in the first place? It was in the 1820s when Dr. Justinus Kerner was working on the causes for why a certain series of blood sausages poisoned so many Germans. He found out that the meat consisted of a certain toxin, which resulted in their deaths. He christened his discovery as “botulism” originating from the root botulus in Latin that means sausage. What happened next was simply history. Thus, Botox was discovered from cases related to food poisoning in the first place.

Fact 3: Botox treatment can help in curing depression

Although it may sound crazy, early testing has demonstrated that depression can be treated through a single Botox injection. How can it do so? You will acknowledge that there is a close relationship between your emotions and facial expressions. So, when your face muscles are relaxed, the connection gets disturbed, Some experts like M. Axel Wollmer points out that Botox can interrupt the facial musculature’s feedback to a human brain that could be engaged in maintenance and development of negative feelings and emotions.

Fact 4: Botox got almost involved in Second World War

Many of you may consider Botox as only a plain beauty therapy. However, it seems to have a colourful past. According to an article published in International Journal of Dermatology, a sordid plan was made during World War Two to use some Chinese prostitutes for slipping botulinum toxic pills into the beverages and food of certain Japanese officers in high-ranks. Although, these gelatin capsules did get produced, the plan did not get implemented for whatever reason. However, it was good that the plan never saw the light of the day.

Fact 5: Botox can cure migraines

It was in 2013 when Botox got approval from the FDA to be used to cure migraine headaches. What is surprising is that no one has any clue about why and how the migraine symptoms are eased out. There are many theories doing round and a popular one is that Botox can stop pain signals from being transmitted to the nerve endings.

Advantages of using a roller blind in your house



If you are redecorating your house and want to give it a trendy & sleek look, then you must use roller blinds on your windowsills. With innovation in every field, even roller blinds are now coming in multiple colours and textures. In fact, many manufacturers also provide Roller blinds in Singapore are advantageous in many ways .

There is always a debate about whether to go for curtains, which are considered traditional and homely or roller blinds, which are considered modern and stylish. Here are a few benefits of using a roller blind for you to make an informed decision while decorating or revamping your house.

Easy to maintain

Roller blinds are easy to clean and maintain. In fact, even the installation of the roller blinds is so simple that you can do it yourself. When compared to curtains, you do not have to remove the roller blinds every time you need to clean or wash it. The dust, which collects slowly, can be wiped off or vacuumed quickly. In addition, curtains are a fire hazard in the kitchen and cannot be used in the bathroom because of the high moisture content. Roller blinds come with no such conditions. Moreover, curtains may fade but roller blinds have a much longer life cycle.

Automated option

If you are unwell or tired, even walking a little distance to do a simple task such as closing the curtains can be cumbersome. Not only that, closing and opening every window curtain is tiresome, because if you are not careful, people outside can peek into your house easily. Roller blinds have an automated version. The manufacturer or dealer will install it and then you can open and close the roller blinds at your will. It will be a little expensive, but it is worth it as your work reduces.

Offers more privacy

In the night, when you stand near the window but with the curtains closed, it still does not offer you the required privacy. Anybody looking from outside will be able to see your shadow on the curtains. In addition, anybody outside your window can just push the curtain aside slowly and see whatever is happening inside your house. While this invasion of privacy is unacceptable, it also highlights that curtains are not much of private providers. Roller blinds cover-up with window area, concealing you from the outside world. Similarly, even the outside noise can be cut off with the help of roller blinds.

Adds to aesthetics

If you have guests over at your house, a roller blind on the window gives your house a smart look. If you are using curtains, then every time there is a gush of wind blowing into your house, the curtain will not be able to stop and keep flying here and there. It does not look good at all, especially, if the guests are your husbands boss. Roller blinds come in a variety of colours and materials that give your house a comfortable and warm look.

Insulates your house

Roller blinds insulate your house against most weather conditions. If it is too hot, unlike curtains, which only offers partial protection, roller blinds completely seal the window, not allowing the UV rays to enter the house. If you choose the fabric carefully, you can also insert UV inhibitors to ensure the house remains cool, even in hot summer. Likewise, when it is pouring, and the raindrops are lashing at the window or during the cold winter nights, roller blinds insulate your house, contributing in retaining the heat within the room.

Tiles, the grand secret to transform your house and how to choose them

For almost everyone of us, home is the place that primarily drives us and inspires us to accomplish great feats, regardless of the circumstances we find ourselves in. Of course, there will be people in homes but the place is much more than the occupants living in it. You should enjoy the place with a childish grin on your face. Not only that, the place should inspire you also. But if you want your home to be like that, you should ensure to create an appropriate ambiance in it. One of the best ways to infuse an elegant and comfortable ambiance into your home is to get the right type of tiles laid in it.

Though there are a number of varieties of tiles, Ceramic tiles singapore are easy to repair not only because they bestow several advantages but because they can completely transform your house and make it look the way you want. Some of the benefits of using ceramic tiles in your home are they can easily be maintained and repaired. For maintaining them, you have to simply clean them on a regular basis. There are no worries as to whether the tiles will get damaged by water because while laying tiles, grouting may have been done.

For repairing them, you have to just remove the broken or damaged tiles, clean those areas where those broken or damaged tiles were there and re-lay new tiles. To complete the process, you have to do re-grouting.

But why ceramic tiles are considered the grand secret that can transform your home? Let us find out.

1. If you do your research thoroughly, you can certainly find companies that offer a wide variety of ceramic tiles. Since your aim is to transform your house the way you want, you must be clear about what you expect from the final outcome. Remember that the designs or the colors of the ceramic tiles you choose should go well with the colors as well as the designs of the walls.

2. Then comes the shape and size of the rooms for which you are looking for tiles. If your room is spacious, you can go for larger tiles. On the contrary, if your room is small, you should wisely choose only smaller tiles. Otherwise, the room may look smaller than they really are.

3. Thirdly, you should check the utility of the rooms also for choosing the right tiles. For example, the foot-fall in your bedroom will be much less than what it is in your living room. Therefore, apart from checking the color and design, you should check if the tiles you choose for your living room are durable also.

4. The orientation of your house is another factor you must take into account. If the rooms of your house get good natural light, you can go even for not-so-bright colored tiles. On the other hand, if there is not much of natural light in your house, it is better you opt for bright-colored tiles.

How to go about the task of choosing the right tiles?

1. When people come to know that you are looking to buy ceramic tiles for your house, you may get a lot of unsolicited advice. Remember that it is your house and that you have tastes of your own. So, never allow the opinions of others to influence your choice.

2. Secondly, be ready to do your research though researching is a boring and dull task. Visit the websites of the reputed companies that offer ceramic tiles and go through the reviews of their past customers. These reviews may throw light upon the kind of services they render and also upon the quality of their products. Once you short-list a handful of companies, you can do further research, consider other factors such as costs of their products, the varieties of tiles they offer, the services they render and so on and choose the right tiles that can transform your home. Never lose sight of the fact that the ambiance in your house should help you grow professionally as well as personally.

5 Aspects To Consider While Buying Tiles

The benefit of having a nice home that looks good is half the battle won. To make the place look good all you need are exquisite schematics, ideal flooring, excellent colors and an ambiance that livens up the home. If you go astray with any of the above and more, chances are that your home will be a bit lopsided, both figuratively and literally. To set the tone right, you cannot go wrong with the flooring. There are varieties of options available today here are five aspects to consider while buying tiles.


Choosing the right flooring is not always an easy ride, you have to factor in the climate. Tropical areas, for instance, are not ideal for hardwood flooring. The moisture content in the atmosphere causes the wood to decay easily resulting in problems down the line. What really works are natural stones like so with vitrified tiles and/or marble. The flipside, however, is walking on the flooring with bare feet once the cold sets in – walk with socks or flip-flops instead of bare feet.

Kitchen & Bathroom

Functionality is the key ingredient to consider for the kitchen. That being said, it does not mean that you need to junk the idea of a good look and opt for something mundane. What really works are quite trendy to use ceramic tiles singapore but and can withstand wear and tear. Granite in this context works rather well as do vitrified tiles. They are easy to maintain, look trendy and pretty much keep the sludge at bay, provided you go the mile in doing your bit. If marble strikes your fancy, Italian marble is the best bet that has the anti skid option as it provides a good grip. Ditto with the bathroom area where this is of vital importance.


A small home does not need extra fittings like dark tiles – that make the place look rather small. Light colored flooring and the size of the tiles makes an impact. It also gives the appearance of looking larger instead of breaking the blend with the color scheme and the ambiance. Flooring can make a room appear lovely based on what you are going for, for instance, if rustic is the option, slate works rather well as a stone lookalike. The hip and trendy modern look definitely needs marble to keep the flow going, wooden flooring also looks chic.


To keep a home neat and tidy, you need to be on the ball. An occasional tea or an oil spill in the kitchen needs to be attended to immediately. Mosaic flooring has been a favorite over the years, but maintenance takes a chunk of your time to keep it shiny and clean. Naturally, if you are looking for something that offers requires a limited amount of upkeep laminates are the best alternative. Vitrified tiles are the buzz and are easy to maintain. The only consideration is to treat them with care, as they chip easily. Marble and wood though they are trendy, are quite a bother to maintain and since they are water resistant, you will have the time of your life (sic) keeping them free from the elements.


The tendency of biting off more than you can chew can be a force when choosing the right set of tiles. Budgeting plays a critical role and while you may have your heart set on something expensive, you need to tone it down a notch. Tiles are available in various price ranges. Choose a range that adds to the aesthetics and works for the home. There may come a time when you may have to be slightly flexible with the budget, just make sure that you do not go over the top. Marble looks great, granite even better, wooden flooring has warmth, ceramic aids in the aesthetics with the gloss, and so on and so forth.

Visit the tiles supplier Singapore for myriad ideas and aspects to consider while buying tiles.

Points to Ponder Over Before Buying Outdoor Blinds

Simple tricks to a good-looking home are to make sure that everything is in order, it does not look like a museum, the color schemes are not loud, the woodwork in the top of the line, the furnishings are simple and stylish and window and door furnishings are upbeat. If you follow these simple guidelines, you will feel quite like a professional interior designer! Since outdoor blinds are also an imperative part of the landscape, let us look at some points to ponder over before going ahead with the buy.

The first step is to have a look at the variety of models, colors, and designs so that you get a feel for the different kinds of blinds available. Once you have a fair idea, move along to the next step.

The second stage is to choose the material with care. The objective is to gauge whether the outdoors is for entertainment if this is the case, wooden blinds do the trick. Alternatively, if you need a no fuss set of blinds, vinyl or waterproof fabric is a quick fix.

The third step is the location and the necessity to keep away the elements. The reason why people opt for blinds is bad weather as they provide some amount of security from incessant rains and nosey parkers. To ensure that you bring in the light, position the blinds accordingly so that you do not block the view entirely. Some of them have ultraviolet ray protection, which is definitely a plus point.

Buying blinds online is a great way to cut back on traveling back and forth to different stores. However, one key point is to ensure that you get the measurement right. If you are looking at cutting corners, preset blinds are available but the idea is to make sure that you get it right with door blinds and window blinds. Actually, if you are new to this, call in the experts at – that is the best suggestion!

Choose the right blinds that blend in with the awnings and make sure that you opt for roller up and down blinds for the exteriors. The material in mesh, bamboo, PVC or fabric definitely ups the way the outdoors look. In fact, you can choose motorized blinds available in the market that makes use of a remote control!

Now that you have a fair idea about the steps to ponder over before buying window blind singapore , visit the website Apply now OR RSVP now and make a play for the right set of blinds for your home.