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What Getting Rid of Your Hyperhidrosis Problem Means to You?



You may be ignoring your problem of hyperhidrosis because you are certain that there is no threat to your life. You are aware that the problem is not a disability as well. In fact, you may be healthy otherwise. But at the same time, you cannot deny that you are feeling miserable in your heart of hearts. You may feel that you do not “belong” regardless of whichever company you choose to be with. Not only that, if┬áthe problem is severe,you may be affected by depression. Despite having extremely good skills, you may allow yourself to be driven into the quagmire of non-action also. That is the reason you are advised to take immediate steps in having right treatment for hyperhidrosis .

Of course, this treatment lacks the hype that treatments like facials or an oxygen facial have been getting. But the fact remains that once you have this treatment and rid yourself of the problem of excessive sweating, you are certain to feel more confident. Let us find out how you will benefit by taking this treatment and after bidding adieu to this problem.

1. If your sweating is limited to your palms, underarms and soles, it is known as focal hyperhidrosis. When you are sweating profusely in your palms, you will hesitate to shake hands with others. Similarly, excessive sweating in the soles will cause a lot of discomfort. In the case of over-sweating in the underarm area, it will result in bad odor emanating from your body. This will rob your confidence. Not only that, you may have to change your clothing quite often. But by taking an effective treatment, you can confidently mingle with people.

2. Due to the problem of excessive sweating, you may hesitate to attend social gatherings. There are chances of you avoiding romantic relationships. Once you take an appropriate treatment and free yourself of this issue, you will have no difficulty in attending such social gatherings and in deciding to play cupid with the woman or man you love.

3. When you sweat profusely in your palms, how can you hold your pen and write without any difficulty? The pen may slip from your hands and so, your writing may become illegible. This is another good reason to suggest that you must consult a specialist and get yourself freed from this problem.

It is an unfortunate fact that most of the folks who suffer from hyperhidrosis do not go for an appropriate treatment. But you should be wise and seek the help of a specialist. Remember that there are effective treatments that can help you get rid of this problem.

What are the treatments that are generally administered for this problem?

1. You can buy over-the-counter or OTC antiperspirants and try them. But experts point out that these antiperspirants can be effective only if the problem is mild. You should apply them to your armpits, feet and hands. You can use them at bedtime also so you will not feel embarrassed when you sleep with your spouse or dating partner. If the problem is slightly severe, you can consult a specialist who may prescribe stronger and salt-based antiperspirants.

2. If the problem is very much severe, you may have to consult a dermatologist. The dermatologist will check you thoroughly and recommend an appropriate treatment.

Some of the treatments the dermatologist may advise are:

a) Iontophoresis:

In this treatment, your hands and feet will be soaked in a container of water. The doctor will pass an electric current of mild power. You may have to get this treatment frequently but it is said to be effective.

b) Botox or Botulinum toxin type A:

In this, injections of Botulinum of type A toxin are administered for turning off the sweat glands. This is a very effective treatment for excessive sweating. The specialist may use local anaesthesia because there may be pain when the injections are administered.

c) miraDry system:

This treatment is given only for excessive sweating in the underarm areas. With the help of this device, the specialist will permanently and completely eliminate the sweat glands in the underarm areas.

d) Sometimes, the specialist may prescribe oral medications but there may be side effects if they are used frequently.

e) If the problem is very very severe, the specialist may recommend a surgery. But remember that there may be serious after-effects in this option.

But whatever treatment you take for getting rid of your hyperhidrosis problem, you can be certain that the way you lead your life will greatly improve after it.